Blushing Issues

Experts tell us that blushing is a reaction our bodies have to an emotional trigger; potential embarrassment or humiliation, real or imagined. Often social anxiety plays into the blushing problem by feeding feelings like fear of being the center of attention and extreme self-consciousness. These are symptoms of social anxiety, and they lead to lack of confidence, feelings of helplessness, and low self-esteem.

For many, blushing is a strong, intense, embarrassing experience which kicks negative emotions into high gear immediately. It may feel totally uncontrollable and as if there is no way to ever change that pattern.

In order to get better, a person needs to realize that symptoms of social anxiety, including blushing, can be overcome, and also realize that their reaction to their blushing problem is much worse than anyone else’s reaction to it. Why is that? It’s because non-blushers don’t think blushing is embarrassing or awful. They generally only notice it if the blusher points it out, looks embarrassed, or is humiliated by it.

If, on the other hand, that person is blushing but also continuing to speak or do whatever they were previously and puts no energy in to fretting over the blushing, no one will notice in the least.

Do not misjudge other people and their responses to blushing. Blushers often feel the people that see them blushing are condemning them for “acting” this way, which is a totally ludicrous idea. In fact, the only judgment of that blushing episode is most likely in the mind of the blusher!

The Blushing Breakthrough eBook discusses social anxiety and how to overcome blushing issues in detail.

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