Blushing and Herbal Potions

People who suffer from blushing and other social anxiety issues have trouble interacting with other people in almost any social situation, feeling extremely self-conscious in daily interactions with people, and often having chronic fears of being embarrassed or judged by others.  These fears can manifest themselves in physical symptoms, such as excessive sweating, inability to talk, trembling, nausea and vomiting, and extreme blushing.  Obviously, this is a debilitating phobia for those who suffer with it.

The good news is that there is natural relief available for these types of problems.  Slow breathing and positive affirmations to one’s self are often helpful.  There is also psychotherapy and other types of therapy that can have a positive effect without the use of drugs to control the problem.

Herbal remedies are all natural and work for many people who have social anxiety issues.  There are many different types which are used successfully by different people:

Lemon balm is often used as a calming agent to relax nerves and treat insomnia and anxiety.

Passion flower is known as ‘nature’s tranquilizer.’  Not only does it help combat stress, anxiety, and insomnia, it also contains alkaloids, which closely mimic monoamine oxidase inhibitors, which are often prescribed for depressed patients.

Kava Kava is popular in Fiji, where it’s been used for a long time. This herb has been called ‘nature’s Valium’ because it produces similar relaxing and calming effects in people who take it.

St. John’s Wort’s history for treating depressed and anxious people is legendary, and it has earned the nickname ‘nature’s Prozac’ accordingly.

Lavender is a powerful herb that’s well known for calming the nervous system, and is used by people combating fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, stress, and depression.

There are many other herbal remedies for social anxiety disorder and blushing: chamomile, valerian, and hops.  (Yes, many people take their hops in liquid form.)

Of course, it’s very important to talk to your doctor and be sure herbal supplements are right for you.

Do not try to combine herbal supplements on your own, but rather allow someone who is qualified in the field to do that for you.  Comprehensive formulas that work together can offer greater benefits than just one herb, if properly combined.  Leave that to the herbal experts!

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