ETS Surgery

You’re on the edge and losing hope. You’ve tried out everything you possibly can to get rid of your blushing problem that’s keeping you away from the rest of the world, but every effort has failed. You’ve burnt the midnight candle for months, spending a lot of time and money in searching the web and buying self-help books to help you boost your confidence to deal with your problem. Every effort you exhaust only seems to heighten your anxiety and makes everything worst. You finally put your hands up in surrender thinking that you have to live with a red face for the rest of your life. 

Hold it right there. This may seem a little extreme but you may want to consider surgery.

ETS, or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, is an invasive surgical procedure that is usually done on people who have problems such as excessive blushing and hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.  The purpose of the surgery is to destroy the nerve that supplies the signals that cause a person to blush or sweat out of normal proportions.

Micro ETS

With technology, conventional methods of performing ETS are pinned to history giving way to Micro ETS. With Micro ETS the surgeon makes two or three cuts on the lateral side of the chest in between the ribs. In one of the cuts, the surgeon inserts a device with a camera connected to a screen monitor that would serve as the guide in performing the procedure. The camera eliminates the need to make a bigger and deeper cut requiring lengthier hospital stay and a longer time for recovery as in the conventional method of ETS. The rest of the cuts are where the other necessary instruments are inserted. The surgeon finds the nerves supplying the signals that cause excessive blushing or sweating and destroys or cuts them. Micro ETS makes the procedure minimally invasive decreasing the risks of the surgery.

If you want to reserve the chance of being able to reverse the operation in case you might regret it, you can opt for having titanium clips applied to clamp the nerve instead of having it destroyed. Remember though that reversal will only be effective if it is done within days or just a few weeks after the initial procedure.

The entire operation should take about one to three hours in total and in normal circumstances where no adverse complications occur, patients are normally made to stay just overnight in the hospital.

ETS Surgery Cost

The cost of ETS surgery may vary depending on the surgeon you hire to perform the surgery and even the place or country where you want to have the surgery done. Nonetheless, the average cost of a Micro ETS should be around 10,000 US dollars.

ETS Surgery Side Effects

 One of the most common side effects of ETS surgery is compensatory sweating. People who undergo ETS surgery tend to sweat more in areas not affected by the surgery such as the back and the lower belly. Some people who experience it said that the condition gets better the farther away from the day of the surgery they are; however, there are also those who think that the new sweating problem is far worse than the blushing problem the surgery was supposed to fix.

Other side effects include Horner’s syndrome where the eyelids droop and the pupils constrict, bleeding, and air leakage from the lungs. There are also reported cases of patients having difficulty regulating their body temperature as a result of the procedure. 

All surgeries have risks. No matter how worst you think your blushing problem is, careful consideration is prudent before moving forward with any surgery to weigh the risks. Although medical professionals have a certain checklist to follow when you ask them about side effects of any surgery, every person’s body is unique. Genetics, heredity, and lifestyle are examples of factors that make every person different from another in terms of potential reactions that can result from surgery.

No matter how minimally invasive, surgery is still surgery. Don’t rush into it. Don’t make society dictate what you should or should not do to your body. You have the right to decide.

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