ETS Surgery

ETS or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is an invasive surgical procedure that can be performed on people who have excessive blushing problems, and also hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating.)  Many people who experience uncontrollable blushing hear about this type of surgery and feel that their problem is solved. Their doctor might recommend it, depending on the level of distress the blushing problem causes.

While for some people with the most extreme blushing problems, ETS might be considered, careful consideration is prudent before moving forward with this surgery due to the side effects it can cause. Keep in mind also that there isn’t any way for doctors to know in advance how your body will react.

One common side effect of ETS is Compensatory Sweating (CS), which means perspiring in the back and lower stomach areas. This happens with many patients, although many people say it improves the further away from surgery they are.  In some cases the patient feels the new sweating problem is worse than the blushing problem it was supposed to fix.

Facial blushing patients who received ETS surgery reported a 90% success rate.  Some have reported bothersome sweating, usually in the forehead, when they ingested spicy foods.

In extreme cases, Horner’s Syndrome can result, which causes eyelid drooping and constricted pupils, has resulted.  Also reported in rare cases have been bleeding or air leaks from the lungs.

Your doctor can perform the operation by cutting the sympathetic nerve, or by clamping it with titanium clips.  If you opt for surgery, the clamping method would be wise, as it can be reversed if you suffer problem side effects.

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Have you considered ETS to cure your blushing problem? Have you had ETS surgery? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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