Stop Blushing Hypnosis

Maybe it started back in high school. It was a new city, a new school, a new life. You didn’t have friends then because everyone was left back in the city where your old home was. You had exactly no idea what to expect. You walk towards the door of your assigned classroom and all you could think about was how you bullied a new student back in grade school until he wet his own pants and cried. “Are they going to do the same thing to a new student like me?” 

 Your hands start to shake, sweat starts to drip from your forehead, and you couldn’t seem to make that final step to finally enter the room where everyone was comfortably seated looking like it was just another day. You take a quick peep and just like that, the teacher noticed you right away, asked you to come in, and introduced you in front of the entire pack of students whose eyes were all locked on yours. The teacher glanced at you expecting for you to say a little something. But all you can think about is that day. That day when you made someone else miserable. You couldn’t seem to get hold of yourself and all you did, out of the many things you could have said or done, was to blush. From that moment on, you couldn’t stop blushing. You never did.

Nobody ever deserves to live a life scared to face the world. Humans are social beings and no one was designed to live in the dark, in the shadow of those who are brave enough to shine. Social phobia, then, should be outlived. It should be buried in the walls of the path to the past and locked up in there forever. And so does blushing.

Many lives have been infected by the blushing problem and many ways have been explored to overcome such a thing many dread the most. One thing being considered to overcome blushing is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of mind. It is a condition wherein the person involved has a heightened sense of concentration placed on a particular subject, may it be mental or visual in nature. Hypnosis allows a person to focus or follow one particular train of thought and ignore the rest. In effect, since it is a way to free oneself from distractions, hypnosis gives way for relaxation and control over one’s thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

Hypnosis for therapeutic reasons is referred to as hypnotherapy. This is the concept you might want to explore when considering hypnosis to overcome blushing problems.

Hypnotherapy takes into account the fact that blushing is an unconscious event in reaction to a certain stressful stimulus. Hypnosis is not going to alter the stressful event. It is not going to dwell on the external factors that cause uncontrollable blushing. Hypnosis is going to focus on you. It’s going to help you change the way you think about people, social events, and other circumstances that have caused you to stress yourself too much to the point of blushing. It’s not going to be a magic trick. Hypnosis will help you perceive the same situations in a good light. 

Going back to how hypnosis is defined, hypnosis directs the entirety of your attention to one particular idea. It decreases your peripheral awareness giving you the capability to ignore everything else outside of the train of thought you are engrossed with at that very moment. You can use hypnosis as a great avenue to practice how to deal with stressful situations.

Think of one situation that causes you to blush uncontrollably. In your imagination, put yourself to the test. Practice. How do you usually react to that certain situation you have in mind that leads you to blush? How do you want to change that situation? The actual moment of a stressful situation would hardly give you time to think things through so you can come up with a reaction where you wouldn’t submit yourself to ridicule. In the actual time of stress, your thoughts and emotions will seek the nearest, most familiar reaction to stress. If blushing happened to be that most familiar reaction to stressful episodes, then you should know now why you haven’t outgrown the blushing problem.

Through your imagination, hypnosis gives you the chance to practice applying different ways of how you would react to the same stressful situation. If one way doesn’t work and you still find yourself blushing in practice, try a different reaction. This is your chance to safely do a trial-and-error experiment. Nobody’s watching you.

Aside from providing a safe haven for you to practice getting comfortable with stressful situations, hypnosis can help your mind and body relax. It is a good way to get relief from your nerves and ease your anxiety.

It is understandable if you find the idea of hypnosis to treat blushing problems a bit odd. You may have grown up getting used to the idea of hypnosis associated with a mad man who can make someone’s eyes look funny by swinging his thing in a pendulum motion right in front of the eyes, commanding the person to do silly things. It’s time to correct the myths behind hypnosis.

First of all, hypnosis does not let you lose control of yourself and submit to another person’s commands. Hypnosis let’s you get into a mental state where you are able to take complete control over your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions at the height of concentration. By taking control of your own mind, you have the ability to choose what and what not to think of.

Another factor that makes people hesitate on the idea of hypnosis is the thought that not all people can do it; that only those who possess a special ability to control the mind are bound to succeed in doing it. That is so false. Each and every single one of us has the ability to control the mind. Even you can do it. How do you think did you end up blushing at every thought that makes you anxious? By controlling your very own mind. It’s the same way as hypnosis; only that hypnosis is done for the right reasons to achieve good results.

Don’t let your mind defeat you. Control it. Demand for it to work to your own advantage. The mind is the most powerful tool you have against blushing so make use of it the right way.


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