At what age did blushing start becoming a problem?

People generally begin Blushing or Facial Flushing usually very early on in their youth. One of the first times when children begin blushing is when they are required to speak in front of the class for a school project. This usually occurs under the age of 12 and because children are relatively carefree during this period, blushing does not cause a major problem.

For most people it’s during the early teenage years when blushing starts becoming a major problem. Common reasons for blushing during this period are teasing or when they start communicating with the opposite sex. Again most people tend to brush it off or grow out of this stage however it’s during this period that some people start avoiding social contact and the problems begin.

Later times, such as when people start moving to college, can also be periods when people begin to have problems with blushing. As in early adolescence, blushing often occurs whilst communicating with members of the opposite sex. Not only can the social side of life deteriorate but the academic side of life can suffer as well as they begin to avoid class.

However, it generally seems that if you’ve made it into your twenties and haven’t had any problems blushing then it’s unlikely that they will develop. There are exceptions to this however and blushing problems can still develop later on in life although the chances are greatly diminished.

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