Blushing and Facial Flushing Medical Conditions and Disorders

Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema

This is a severe form of blushing where even smallest events can trigger someone to blush and it is often linked to social anxiety disorder. Glancing at someone or even just talking to family or friends causes a facial flush to overwhelm the face, sometimes lasting for several minutes afterwards. This form of blushing can be triggered by even the smallest of things and is a more chronic condition than the usual problems people face with blushing. Because the condition is so severe people often avoid relationships and end up in jobs which have little face to face contact.


Early symptoms of Rosacea include blushing, redness and facial flushing across the nose, forehead, cheeks and neck. Redness across these areas can become semi permanent as the condition worsens. This differentiates the condition from blushing in that it lasts longer and can also have no psychological trigger although psychologically triggered blushing may also occur. Other causes that trigger Rosacea include changes in temperature and strenuous exercise. Rosacea occurs later in life and peaks from the ages of 30 to 50. It is also found to be more common in European and Celtic ethnicities. Famous Rosacea sufferers include Bill Clinton and Diana Princess of Wales.


A form of social phobia, Erythrophobia is the fear of blushing itself and is probably one of the most common conditions. Going into social situations the person will begin tensing up as they fear that they will blush, which in turn makes them more likely to blush. This can cause people to avoid social contact and it can also hinder their lives. Often the fear of the blushing ends up actually being worse than the blushing itself. Realising this can help to reduce the problem.

Do you suffer from any Blushing or Facial Flushing conditions or disorders? If so then we’d like to hear your story in the comments section below.

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