Blushing gets better with age!

I came across this delightful piece of information from a study conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of California. It appears that blushing gets better with age!

This was a large study conducted over a wide large range of people with varying ages. They were asked to note their daily feelings and experiences whilst blushing. In each group various members had different degrees of frequency and intensity as expected. However it was when they studied the correlation between age and frequency of blushing that they noticed a major difference.

“While 64% of the subjects age 25 and younger reported blushing more than once a week (and 36% blush daily), only 28% of those over 25 reported blushing more than once a week.”

If you want to get really scientific:

“Reported frequency of blushing was negatively correlated with age (r=–.49,p<.0001)”

Which basically means blushing gets better with age! Good news for all you blushers out there!


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