Have you ever thought about what happens inside your body every time you blush? During a blushing episode, you tend to direct your energy towards doing everything just to stop blushing. You try to cloud your mind with other thoughts in an attempt to cover up the very thought that’s causing you to blush. More often than not, the effort to solve the problem feeds the problem itself. Brad, the tutor on the video “Tips on How to Perform Deep Breathing to avoid Blushing,” has some hints on how to channel that energy into something that is effective.

Breathe deeply. Yes, deep breathing helps to stop blushing because oxygen, which is in the air you breathe, helps you relax. Every single time a person blushes, the heart beats more rapidly and the person tends to breath faster. When a person breathes faster than usual, the oxygen from the air is not effectively used by the body. Go find a comfortable spot where you can breathe. Be sure that you feel the rise and fall of your abdomen, as Brad says, because this is your clue that you are breathing the right way.

Brad touches on the physical nature of a blush and he wants you to realize that by establishing control over your own body, you have the power to stop blushing. The author of the book “Blushing Breakthrough,” Jim Baker, can show you a lot of ways to overcome that blushing problem. You can also visit Jim’s website to learn more about blushing cures.


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