There are many different treatments for blushing; this page is intended as a simple overview. You can follow the links for further detail.

ETS Surgery

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) is an invasive procedure performed by a licensed surgeon usually recommended for those who have problems with excessive sweating and uncontrollable blushing. Breakthroughs in technology have allowed this kind of surgery to evolve to become minimally invasive requiring only an overnight stay in the hospital if no other complications occur. The surgery should take around one to three hours to complete.

Just like any other surgery, ETS has its own risks and side effects. Reports have been gathered that compensatory sweating, or sweating, or sweating in other areas not affected by the surgery more profusely than normal, has been a common side effect. The back and the lower trunk are the usual body areas affected with this kind of side effect.

Surgery is something that many people consider as a last resort. Because of its cost, risks, and usually irreversible nature, conservative alternatives are still being explored to a great extent.

Beta Blockers

You’ll find that a lot of people use beta blockers for public speaking. Apparently they somehow suppress sympathetic adrenaline production which actually prevents the increase in heart rate and hence anxiety and stress felt in high pressure situations. Stage fright becomes almost impossible! The usual symptoms of social or performance anxiety, such as racing heart rate, shakes and also blushing are reduced dramatically. I’m not a doctor so unable to advise specifically but these drugs are often considered preferable to drugs such as valium or xanax (benzodiazepine) which can be addictive.

There are several different beta blockers which can be suitable for treatment of blushing and other social anxiety related conditions, and there are different brand names for each drug. Take care as some have side effects (eg. propranolol can make asthma symptoms worse).

Always seek medical advice before taking drugs of any type.


People today are starting to explore other areas to conservatively treat conditions that are very dependent on perception. Although quite unconventional, hypnosis is starting to be part of the checklist of those fighting against anxiety problems, panic attacks, alcohol and smoking issues, and other kinds of behavior related crises.

The mind is the most powerful element being considered to help against blushing in those who believe in hypnosis. The process of hypnosis targets to change the person’s perception of events that make them vulnerable to blushing. Since the process of hypnosis requires a great deal of concentration, it is important that you don’t jump into doing in half-heartedly.

Cognitive Therapy

A trip to your therapist could also give you answers for your blushing problems. For people who don’t blush, blushing isn’t so much of a deal. As a result, they don’t develop anxious feelings about it. People who blush and worry about their blushing, on the other hand, create the problem by themselves by thinking that it is a big deal, that the whole world cares about it, and that they should be ashamed of it.

In cognitive therapy, the therapist will facilitate challenging the thoughts and perceptions of events that cause you to blush. The goal is to program your mind to stop magnifying negative events and to encourage you to look into the positive elements that you’ve been minimizing all this time in situations that make you blush uncontrollably.

Cognitive therapy requires you to actively work on how you think and feel. Be sure you are ready to stand up against yourself once you go for it.

Herbal Treatments

Although they are not recommended as a stand-alone solution, herbal treatments may be used side by side with your regular visits to your therapist to overcome your blushing problems. Don’t go for the herbal route without talking to a licensed medical professional. Even though herbal remedies are known for their natural quality and cost effective nature, different herbs have different effects on different people. A doctor who specializes in natural medicine should be able to talk to you about your options for going the natural way. spela casino online

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