What happens to your body when you blush?

The best way to control blushing is to work on the problems that are causing it in your mind. However it is also useful to know what happens to the physical side of your body when you blush.

Blushing is an involuntary reaction to an emotional event which causes the fight or flight response in our bodies. The fight or flight response releases adrenaline into our blood stream. The adrenaline dilates the blood vessels around our body which allows the blood to flow more easily. It also increases the heart rate which makes the blood flow around the body at a faster pace. The blood vessels in your face reply to this emotional response with the chemical transmission of adenylyl cyclase which opens up the veins in your face even further creating a reddening appearance. A feeling of warmth and sweating may also occur as the blood vessels dilate.

Although fight and flight responses happen to all people, blushing varies from person to person. Some people do not blush at all, others only turn slightly pink and unfortunately some people they end up turning a bright red. Blushing occurs in all races although it is often more pronounced in pale and lighted skinned persons.

What happens to your body when you blush?

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