Which places cause the most blushing? Pt.1

Here are some commons situations in which people end up blushing:

The walkway/corridor -

For some people this is the worst one. You’re casually strolling down a walkway or corridor but then suddenly it happens. You notice a familiar face walking towards you in the far off distance. You begin blushing even though the person is miles away. As the person moves closer, the blushing becomes brighter and brighter. You look away to the side pretending that you’re fascinated by the symmetrical patterns of the brickwork on the wall next to you. That doesn’t work so you begin fidgeting in your pockets, pretending you’ve lost your key or pen. You mutter a feeble ‘hi’ as the person walks past giving you a strange look. 5 minutes later you’re down a different walkway and notice someone off in the distance. “Oh god! Here we go again! Where’s a bush to dive into when you need one!”

The public speech -

You feel butterfly’s in your stomach as you begin walking onto the stage. As you reach the podium your palms begin to sweat. Your hands are shaking as you take out the paper with your speech written on it. Words start stuttering out of your mouth and then it happens. You can feel your face becoming hotter and hotter and then you look up at everyone and think, “Oh nooo! I’m turning red!!!”. This only makes things worse as you’re embarrassed about turning red, which only makes you more red and then in turn, more embarrassed and so on.

The staff meeting -

You’re sat around a big, long intimidating table. Everyone is looking prim and proper. Your boss in going on about how last months profit margin wasn’t where it should be. He starts pointing his finger round the table asking for opinions. “Oh dear! Here it comes”, you say to yourself, you know your turn is next. You hands tense up, you change position in your seat, “Quick think, think, think! Be confident! Don’t blush, say something clever!”. He points at you, you’re on. You know your face is turning into a tomato as you speak. You frantically start moving around the papers on the table in front of you, pointing at the coffee mug and saying something, anything that will distract people from your face and onto the table. Your boss says to everyone with glee “Look how red he’s turning!”. After your turn has passed you feel destroyed, you want to hide in a hole. Ahhhh, holes are nice, warm and comfortable, why can’t I be a mole?

And these are only 3 places, there’s tons of others. Which places cause you to blush the most? Please let us know in the comments.

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