Who blushes the most?

If you look at the data, the most stereotypical blusher would fit into these categories:

Female – It has been reported that women are up to 3 times more likely to have problems with blushing than men.

Adolescent – as seen in a previous article on the correlation between age and blushing it appears as though the teenage years are the worst time in which one can experience blushing.

Of Northern Western European descent – The ‘curse of the Celts’ as some people in the UK and Ireland like to call it. Although present in all races, blushing has been found to mainly affect Caucasians from North-West Europe.

Low self esteem – Social anxiety and depression are often found in individuals who regularly experience blushing. Although people with high self esteem still do blush, they are less concerned by it, tend not to focus on it and just move on with their life. However a person with low self esteem will often become socially anxious as they fear they are going to blush. When that person with low self esteem does end up blushing she also ends up becoming more socially anxious, which in turn makes her more likely to blush and so on.

Of course blushing occurs across all peoples of different sex, age, descent and confidence. However, these factors can be most commonly found in a blusher.

Who would you say is a stereotypical blusher?

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