Why does blushing exist? Is blushing good for us?

Blushing is unique to humans and no other animal blushes. So why does blushing exist? Believe it or not, blushing is actually beneficial for us. Think about it from an evolutionary point of view. If blushing were a disadvantage then those who blushed would have been less likely to have children and the gene would not have survived. Instead the blushing gene is still alive and well throughout all humans, a testament to how blushing is actually good for us.

So if blushing is good for us this begs the questions, why is blushing good for us? Well let’s have a look at the following situations and see how blushing may help us:

Embarrassment – if you blush when you’re embarrassed, people will know that you’re feeling uncomfortable about the mistake you just made and so will be less likely to attack you  as they already know you’re down (if they’re your friends that is).

Guilt – if you’re blushing whilst you’re apologizing then people are more likely to forgive you as they know you’re really feeling guilty about what happened.

Anger – red faced anger is a warning sign to others which let’s people know that they shouldn’t provoke or attack you. Red faced anger says you’re not messing about and really will put up a tough fight if someone attacks you.

Love – displaying your true feelings by blushing lets the other person know how you really feel. If you’re too shy to tell the other person yourself then blushing is a good way of letting that person know you’re interested and this can be good as the other person may feel the same way.

So the time you blush think about how your blushing might actually be good for you.

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