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Causes of Redness on Face

There are many different reasons that you may be experiencing some Redness on Face. Some causes for redness on face may be psychological, whilst other causes may be physical and yet further still there may be some causes which are environmental.

When trying to consider what caused your redness on face ask yourself the following questions: What was I doing beforehand? Who was I with? What situation or location was I in? What were my thoughts? Had I consumed any unusual foods? Was I applying some unusual creams to my face?

Asking these questions should help you to break down your problem and allow you to see what is causing your redness on face. If however you’re still unsure as to what it is that might be causing the redness on your face then look at the following list and think about whether one of the following applies:

• Sun burn: on the previous day did you lay out for an extended period of time in the sun and did you forget to apply the sun cream and so now you have redness on face.

• Rosacea – is the redness on face constantly with you? If this is the case then you may have rosacea and should contact your local doctor.

• Facial Blushing – did you feel emotional and were you in a social situation when it occurred. You may have been blushing.

• Acne – Are there red dots on your face which come and go. If this is the case then you may be suffering from acne and should contact your local doctor.