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How to Control Your Love or Intense Emotionality to Avoid Blushing

Friendship, love, and intimacy involve emotions that have to be enjoyed and experiences that have to be memorable. This is what Roger, the tipster on the video “Tips on How to Control Your Love or Intense Emotionality to Avoid Blushing,” expresses as he talks about blushing cure. It is possible to get help to address blushing issues.

Roger explains that there is nothing much that separates the normal person from one who has social anxiety. They both experience and feel the same emotions. The difference comes in when the emotions have to be expressed. The normal person would enjoy the feelings. The person suffering from social anxiety would put too much pressure on himself in perfecting the expression of the emotions to such a point where he gets embarrassed at the thought of embarrassing himself. It becomes a cycle. What’s really happening is that the person with social anxiety fears the embarrassment that isn’t there yet. That fear then leads to blushing which causes the real embarrassment.

Roger gives a number of helpful and easy-to-follow tips to stop blushing in these situations. Stop, take a step back, and enjoy the emotions with flying colors. Validate your feelings and ideas with others involved so you understand that you’re doing just fine and that others feel the same way too. It is important that you feel safe in expressing your feelings to get yourself to stop blushing. You can learn more and get more help about ways to stop blushing by reading Jim Baker’s book “Blushing Breakthrough”.

Social Anxiety and Blushing

Though not everyone with a blushing problem has social anxiety, it is fairly common that a person has both problems. Blushing is often a physiological effect of the social anxiety, and in order to get the blushing problem under control, working on the social anxiety problem is essential.

People with social anxiety often have difficulties with how they see themselves and how they’re seen by others. In other words, they think they’re just a big mess and everybody knows it, and that everyone is judging them based on this blushing issue. In reality, those things couldn’t be more inaccurate. Most people scarcely notice if someone has a blushing problem, and if they do, they really don’t think much of it. On the other hand, constant fretting over your perceived problem will intensify it.

Constantly having thoughts like:

  • I must look stupid
  • That girl must not criticize me
  • I shouldn’t blush

can definitely contribute to the problem. Most of the time, we have thoughts throughout the day and don’t really even notice them, but when it comes to this issue, people often work themselves into such a state that they cannot control their emotions and their blushing. Those types of thoughts are not only a problem, but they are also inaccurate. Being criticized is a part of life, people just need to learn to deal with it, and blushing does not make anyone look stupid!
Positive affirmations on a daily basis can help to balance out the negative self-talk. However, sufferers need to realize this may take some time, because they are attempting to undo years of negative self-image.