How to Control Your Gratitude towards Others that May Cause You Blushing

You’re running late for a make-or-break business deal meeting when your car suddenly breaks down because of a flat tire. At just about the perfect moment when you were about to cry your heart out in regret for not paying attention to dad’s “how to change a flat tire 101” session, another car pulls over. In no time, the friendly guy who went out of his way to help you got your car ready to hit the road again. With all the emotions you’re dealing with, you can’t tell him how thankful you are and this is where the problem comes in. This is where you start blushing.

Sarah, the tipster on this video “Tips on How to Control Your Gratitude towards Others that May Cause You Blushing,” tells you how you can overcome these intense emotions that cause you to blush your way out of gratitude. Feeling that sense of gratitude over somebody who has made a difference for you is an intense feeling in itself. It is potentially a very powerful source of blushing problems as you tend to put pressure on yourself to give out the grandest gesture to show appreciation. Sarah’s advice is to relax. Help always comes around and you can’t continue to feel weird about being thankful. You have to get used to that feeling and find ways to overcome the blushing problem.

Always be ready with a quick and simple “thank you.” More often than not, the grandest gesture of gratitude is the simplest of all. Who would’ve thought that blushing cure would come in just two words. Don’t stress yourself too much because there are many ways to overcome blushing problems which you can find in Jim Baker’s book “Blushing Breakthrough.”


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