How to Control Blushing When You are Recognized in a Crowd or by Someone

Blushing episodes don’t always come from negative experiences. Sometimes, it may come from a good point but end up in a bad one. In this video “Tips on How to Control Blushing When You are Recognized in a Crowd or by someone” Caroline, the tutor, demonstrates why a positive experience can lead to blushing and how to figure out ways to stop blushing in situations such as this.

Let’s say you won an Oscar. You get up the stage to say something about the award for a job well done. It is the perfect moment and sadly, the stress to give the perfect speech takes a toll on you. You start to blush and mess everything else up. Caroline recognizes this as the fear of having attention called to yourself which overrides your pride from the recognition. It’s the feeling of having to act or speak the right way to justify the acknowledgement being given. Caroline explains a very doable way to overcome blushing problems. Stay calm. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re perfect as you are so don’t anything to mess that up.

If staying calm isn’t going to work for you, Caroline suggests another way to stop blushing. Pretend that everyone is in a clown suit. The idea here is to get relief from the stress by cheering yourself up and building the confidence you need to make that good experience a great one. You can get more information on how to stop blushing from Jim Baker’s book “Blushing Breakthrough”. Calan

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