How to Control Your Mind and Body to Cure Blushing

It’s time to finally tap that gym membership you signed up for three months ago but ignored forever. If you want to stop blushing, you’ve got to do something. Michelle, the tutor on the video “How to Control Your Mind and Body from Blushing,” recommends exercise as a blushing cure. In the video, she explains that both the mind and the body have to work hand in hand to achieve the results. Not just the mind, not just the body, but both.

If you take a step back to explore the science of blushing, you will find out that blushing is mainly caused by negative thoughts and emotions leading to anxiety – which is of the mind – that manifest physically through obvious signs like blushing – which is of the body. Michelle explains that exercise can do the trick by helping you release your body’s happy hormone. Endorphins, which are the body’s natural happy hormones, work against anxiety and depression. Since they serve as the body’s natural morphine, endorphins help you stay away from those thoughts and emotions that could give you that uncomfortable blushing problem by allowing their release through exercise. Just imagine how happy you could always be.

Keep that happy hormone at work and learn more about how to stop blushing through Jim Baker’s book “Blushing Breakthrough.” Stay happy!

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